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Ask All the Right Questions

You've spent so much time planning your vacation don't forget to ask all the right questions about your trip! Here are some questions you may want to think about when planning your trip.
  1. What is included in your rate?
  2. What are the extra things I will have to pay for?
  3. Are there any specials available?
  4. What deposit is required and when?
  5. Can my rate change once I have put down my deposit?
  6. When is full payment required?
  7. What happens if I cancel?
  8. Is there insurance available?
  9. Should I bring cash, travelers checks, credit cards?
  10. Do I need a passport, visa or certified copy of my birth certificate?
  11. Do I need any immunizations?
  12. What should I pack?
  13. Is there a limit of the number of suitcases I can take?
  14. Is there a weight limit to the suitcases?
  15. What about tipping? Who? What? How much?