In 1891 when Paul Gauguin arrived in Tahiti, he captured the charm, culture and languid grace of the natives in oils. We won't find his paintings here, but the original models still call this piece of French Polynesia home. This 7-night itinerary is perfect for us who want a core Polynesian experience. In Raiatea and its reef-bound lagoon and Taha'a, it's companion island, we'll enjoy a full day of exploration. After that, we will sail to Bora Bora and her siren sister, Moorea. There's a reason these islands are world-renowned - their beauty is unmatched. We can't wait!!!

This is a special birthday cruise for Doug’s 60th birthday and he has so graciously invited me to join him! While your presence at Doug's birthday party is all that we ask of you, many of you have already asked me what to get Doug for his birthday. After 60 years on this planet, he really doesn’t want or need anything. If you would like to contribute toward this birthday cruise, your gift will certainly provide memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you for everything and we love you all!!!