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It is official! Our flights have been booked and taken care of! We are so excited to have all of this going as planned! This really has been an amazing experience but we are still trying to figure out which activities we want to do while we are on our cruise. Since some of our friends and family have taken one or more cruise(s) with Paul Gauguin Cruises, please let us know if you have any suggestions as far as activities or spa treatments. We are open to any suggestions!

Today we have received the confirmation on our itinerary with Paul Gauguin Cruises! Soon enough we will be enjoying the paradise of our dreams aboard our cruise in the Cook Islands and Society Islands. There is still a lot of planning to get done, such as booking our flights and reserving the activities that we will be doing, but that is the fun part!!!

We are so excited about having our anniversary vacation aboard Paul Gauguin Cruises in the Cook Islands and Society Islands! The registry gives us information on the activities and services that are available in the areas of the islands we will be visiting. As of right now, we are still in the process of booking our flights and itineraries but we will definitely keep you all posted on any other details or great news that comes my way!